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The Metaphysical Versus The Man-Made ARC-UK 2019
October 23, 2019
by Ayn Rand Centre UK

The Crosswall –– London United Kingdom

All the countless forms, motions, combinations and dissolutions of elements within the universe—from a floating speck of dust to the formation of a galaxy to the emergence of life—are caused and determined by the identities of the elements involved. Nature is the metaphysically given—i.e., the nature of nature is outside the power of any volition.” Ayn Rand

In her essay The Metaphysical Versus the Man-Made, Rand distinguishes “metaphysical facts from man-made facts—i.e., facts which are inherent in the identities of that which exists, from facts which depend upon the exercise of human volition.”

Join us for a discussion of this ground-breaking essay.

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