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"Understanding Our World" with guest Ayn Rand
May 15, 1961
by Unknown/Other


In this interview, which took place upon publication of For the New Intellectual, Ayn Rand discusses the nature of cultural leadership, the influence of Plato, Aquinas and Kant, the creeping mysticism infecting science and the lengthy process by which individuals become the “new intellectuals” of tomorrow. The host is professor James McConnell of the University of Michigan department of Psychology.

Understanding Our World was initially broadcast live over WOOD-TV, Grand Rapids in 1952-1953, and later recorded on film or tape and broadcast as part of the UM Television Hour, 1954-1982. The programs cover a wide variety of content, usually hosted by or featuring university faculty, but a number feature prominent visitors to campus such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Christiaan Barnard, and Arthur Miller. The programs were thirty minutes long. Most were black and white, tough later programs recorded on videotape were sometimes done in color.

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