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Advanced Topics in Ethics

Darryl Wright

Presented at: IRM 2000

Date: Jul 02, 2000

This course develops new perspectives on key topics in the Objectivist ethics. It focuses on two broad issues: the significance, in ethics, of the fact that every one acts on some philosophy, and the dependence of the concept "value" on the concept "life." 

Specific topics include: 
  • why the central question of ethics is what principles to live by, not what to do in isolated situations; 
  • choosing principles of action as a crucial aspect of volition; the cognitive steps necessary for grasping "value"; 
  • why nothing other than life can function as an ultimate value; 
  • how literally every fact implies an evaluation.



Handout: none


  • Tape, 2005 (En) - 360 mins - Second Renaissance/ Ayn Rand Bookstore - 5 tape set