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An Untitled Letter

Alejandro Durán, James Valliant, Don Watkins

Presented at: Discussing Ayn Rand's Essays

Date: May 19, 2021

Don Watkins & James Valliant discuss Ayn Rand's Untitled Letter available online here

In Atlas Shrugged, and in many subsequent articles, I said that the advocates of Mysticism are motivated not by a quest for truth, but by hatred for man’s mind; that the advocates of Altruism are motivated not by compassion for suffering, but by hatred for man’s life; that the advocates of Collectivism are motivated not by a desire for men’s happiness, but by hatred for man; that their three doctrines come from the same root and blend into a single passion: hatred of the good for being the good; and that the focus of that hatred, the target of its passionate fury, is the man of ability.

Ayn Rand - An Untitled Letter, 1973


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