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Aristotle's Ethics and Its Relation to the Ethics of Objectlvlsm

Allan Gotthelf

Presented at: TJS 1989

Date: Aug 06, 1989

Recent scholarly work has cast new light on the foundations and central tenets of Aristotle's ethical theory. These results are of special interest to Objectivists for three related reasons. First, they establish that Aristotle deserves greater admiration in the subject of ethics than previously believed. Second, an identification of the similarities and remaining differences in ethical theory between Aristotle, as now understood, and Objectivism helps to illuminate the distinctiveness of the Objectivist theory. Third, there are issues which have not been treated at great length in Objectivist literature on which Aristotle has important insights to offer, such as the psychology of moral virtue, and certain aspects of the nature and value of friendship.

These lectures, aimed at a general audience but of Interest to those with more extensive backgrounds, will present the foundations and cardinal elements of Aristotle's ethical theory, and discuss Its key similarities to and differences from Objectivism, giving special attention to aspects of Aristotle's theory from which Objectivists might still gain insight.

history of philosophy

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