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Aristotle's Metaphysics

Robert Mayhew

Presented at: IRM 1998

Date: Jun 28, 1998

Aristotle's metaphysics––his view of the fundamental nature of reality––was a brilliant and (for the most part) this-worldly attempt at avoiding two incorrect positions: Greek materialism, according to which every aspect of reality could be explained purely in terms of the nature and motion of matter; and Platonism, which held that what is really real is a supernatural, non-material world of Forms. In this course, Dr. Mayhew examines the essential points of Aristotle's metaphysics: the critique of Plato, the Law of Non-contradiction, matter and form, mind and body, and the existence and nature of God, among others. Throughout the course, Aristotle's views arecompared to and contrasted with those of Ayn Rand.



Handout: none


  • e-Store, 2012 (En) - 335 mins
  • CD, 2006 (En) - 335 mins - 6 CD set