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Aristotle's Political Philosophy

Robert Mayhew

Presented at: Lyceum 1995

Date: Aug 12, 1995

In this course Dr. Mayhew will look critically at the essentials of Aristotle's political philosophy. The topics to be covered include man as a political animal; the relationship between the individual and the city; women and slaves; and the critique of democracy-as well as Aristotle's views on justice, good and bad constitutions, the best city, liberty, and the rule of law. During the course, Dr. Mayhew will show that whatever Aristotle's flaws, the commonly-held view that he is a collectivist is absolutely incorrect.

history of philosophy

Parts: 2

Handout: none


  • e-Store, 2012 (En) - 300 mins
  • Tape, 1995 (En) - 300 mins - - 6 tape set with Q&A