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Art as a Concretization of Metaphysics

Barry Wood

Presented at: OCON 2009

Date: Jul 03, 2009

A work of art captures a whole view of existence for our contemplation. But just how is an artist’s sense of life distilled into a particular painting or sculpture? And where do such objects get their power to move us, as they have moved man throughout history?

To answer these questions, these lectures open with metaphysics, specifically those fundamental estimates of the universe and our place in it which Ayn Rand called “metaphysical value-judgments.” We then turn to art and its vital role in bringing those estimates into concrete perceptual form. To illustrate, we will explore a wide range of examples, including works from European as well as ancient Mesopotamian, Byzantine, Chinese and Persian art. The aim is not only to demonstrate the objectivity of esthetic analysis, but also to encourage wonder at man’s ingenuity over the ages in meeting a profound need of his consciousness.


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