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Art as Indispensable to Philosophy

Gary Hull

Presented at: Challenging the Future Houston 1995

Date: Feb 10, 1995

To live, man needs the guidance of philosophy. Philosophic abstractions by themselves, however, are not sufficient to satisfy this need. To direct his actions by a philosophy, man needs art. Art objectifies man's metaphysical evaluations by integrating them into a perceivable whole. Philosophic principles are broad abstractions and art brings those abstractions back to the perceptual level. This three-hour course explains why man needs to have philosophy concretized and how art accomplishes this.

The course uses wide-ranging examples of art to help chew the idea that art is an objectification of metaphysical value-judgments. Because art concretizes these evaluations, it should be a constant part of one's life-as an irreplaceable source of emotional fuel and as a key means by which to maintain a benevolent universe premise.

philosophy of art

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