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Ayn Rand, an Illustrated Life

Jeff Britting

Presented at: OCON 2005

Date: Jul 02, 2005

"My personal life," says Ayn Rand, "is a postscript to my novels; it consists of the sentence: 'And I mean it.'" Adding to the material in his short biography, Ayn Rand, Mr. Britting presents new anecdotes that further illustrate how her personal values were enunciated in her philosophy and dramatized in her novels. The talk begins with a discussion of Ayn Rand's childhood literary values; then moves to early adulthood and her attempts to concretize her values in her longer fiction. The talk concludes with late adulthood, where, after successfully concretizing her philosophy in fiction, she begins public speaking in order to defend and elaborate her philosophy.

(Originally delivered at the Irvine, California Centenary celebration, and later revised with substantial new material for the New York Centenary celebration.)


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