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Ayn Rand: Breathing Reason and Passion Back into Psychology

Ellen Kenner

Presented at: OCON 2005

Date: Jul 02, 2005

A common refrain today is: "I tried therapy; I ended up more confused." Why? Lacking a proper philosophical basis, psychologists, whose goal is to help clients achieve mental health, are at risk of giving inconsistent or wrong advice. In contrast, Ayn Rand's rational philosophy provides a foundation that can enable therapists to untangle subconscious confusions and contradictions—giving one the methods, guidelines and basic premises to enjoy life.

This course will look at Ayn Rand's fundamental contributions to psychology.

Starting with a brief sampler of influential psychologists (their view of human nature and the therapy methods that resulted), this course explores how Ayn Rand's key philosophical discoveries, based on her view of human nature, not only expose why conventional psychology is often flawed and damaging, but how they can provide a true foundation for mental health and effective therapy methods. We will see how therapy methods informed by Objectivism can breathe reason and passion back into psychology and into your life.


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