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Ayn Rand Contra Friedrich Nietzsche

John Ridpath

Presented at: OCON 2008

Date: Jun 28, 2008

Since the appearance, in 1943, of The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand has repeatedly been characterized by intellectuals as a follower of Nietzsche. In fact, she is the twentieth century's greatest opponent of Nietzsche. This lecture addresses the reasons offered for this false association, which, despite Ayn Rand's repeated denials in the 1960s, continues to this day. Given that the most commonly asserted basis for characterizing Ayn Rand as a Nietzschean is that they both admire the strong "sovereign individual," the man of "noble soul," this lecture culminates in the grotesque contrast between Nietzsche's vision of the man of "noble soul" and Ayn Rand's.

objectivismhistory of philosophy

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