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Ayn Rand Reviewed

Michael S. Berliner

Presented at: Lyceum 1999

Date: Jul 09, 1999

From letters to journals to marginalia, the Ayn Rand Archives is providing material for increased historical knowledge about Ayn Rand's life and writings.

In this talk, Michael Berliner provides for the first time a succinct history of the published reviews of Ayn Rand's works throughout her life. Beginning with the extensive reviews of the play Night of January 16th in the mid-1930s, Dr. Berliner traces the changing media attitudes about Miss Rand's radical ideas, from her novels to her philosophical essays. He quotes extensively from the major U.S. and foreign reviews and draws his material almost exclusively from the nearly 400 reviews retained and carefully filed by Miss Rand and now preserved at the Ayn Rand Institute.

history of objectivism

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