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Ayn Rand’s We the Living and What It Means to Truly Live

Onkar Ghate, Robert Mayhew

Presented at: New Ideal Live

Date: Feb 02, 2021

Join us for a special episode of New Ideal Live with Onkar Ghate and Robert Mayhew as they discuss the life-affirming meaning of Rand’s first yet least known novel, We the Living.

Set in post-revolutionary Russia, the novel presents the evil of collectivism. But Rand’s We the Living is a novel of timeless significance because it is about what it means to truly live. The novel’s young heroine, Kira, is passionately devoted to her own life. Her unflagging pursuit of her values in the face of a brutal regime offers universal lessons for us all.

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  • YouTube, 2021 (En) - 71 mins
  • YouTube, 2021 (Es) - 73 mins
  • YouTube, 2021 (En) - 71 mins - Same content, but with time annotations in the description