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Basic Principles and Pitfalls of Fitness Training

Chad Morris

Presented at: TOS-CON 2019

Date: Aug 07, 2019

Most people understand that exercise is crucial to health, but relatively few agree about what kind of exercise is best. Even among fitness experts and personal trainers, conflicting advice abounds. How can you navigate the often contradictory claims? How can you determine what is really best for you?

In this talk, Chad Morris will zero in on basic, big-picture truths and help you to think clearly about what’s best for you given your context, age, physical condition, and goals. He will address questions such as: What are the benefits of and differences between cardiovascular, aerobics, weight lifting, and body-weight exercises? To what extent should you incorporate these into your fitness routine? How often and for how long should you exercise to achieve optimal results? Is more always better? What’s the role of rest?

In addition to identifying key truths about fitness training, Morris will address various pitfalls to avoid in your efforts to get or stay fit.

Here’s to exercising your body as well as your mind!


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