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Building the Life and Career You Want

Brian Amerige, Keith Lockitch, W. Dale Stevens

Presented at: AynRandCon 2016

Date: Nov 04, 2016

As a young person looking to the future and thinking about the life you want to create for yourself, it’s not enough just to know that you have free will. You also need to put this understanding into practice. What kinds of issues and choices will you face as you seek to define and build the career and life you want?

We’ve invited a leader in the tech industry — Bran Amerige (engineering manager of app experience at Facebook) — and a tenure-track professor of cognitive neuroscience — Dale Stevens (assistant professor of psychology at York University) — to talk about their career paths in business and academia. They’ll discuss the major decision-points that brought them to their current positions, the choices they face on a daily basis in life and at work, and how Objectivism has helped them navigate all of this.

Keith Lockitch, vice president of educational programs at the Ayn Rand Institute, will host this interview-style panel discussion.


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