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Capitalism: The Social System for Human Flourishing

Gloria Alvarez

Presented at: TOS-CON 2021

Date: Jul 21, 2021

Having experimented with governments that substantially protect individual rights and free markets—and having witnessed a century of carnage caused by various forms of statism (socialism, communism, nationalism, etc.)—America and other countries around the world are now flirting with or even embracing statism in one form or another.


Why would people who have tasted the fruits of freedom to turn back to the treachery of tyranny? What ideas are behind this shift? What history has been forgotten? What confusions have muddied the waters? 

In this talk, Gloria Álvarez will highlight facts and principles that are essential to thinking and communicating clearly about this matter. Looking at various iterations of statism—from the Soviet Union to present-day Venezuela to the mixed economies of Europe and North America—and comparing these to the freer countries and eras, she will point out key distinctions and integrations that are crucial to understanding what capitalism is and why it is the only social system for human flourishing.


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