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Centenary Reminiscences of Ayn Rand (Irvine)

Leonard Peikoff, Mary Ann Sures

Presented at: Ayn Rand Centenary (Irvine)

Date: Feb 02, 2005

Subjects discussed by Dr. Peikoff include:

  • Discussions with Rand about Objectivism and contemporary philosophy
  • Her advice on choosing a career and on judging one's self esteem objectively
  • Reading and discussing Atlas Shrugged in manuscript
  • The writing of Galt's speech
  • Memories of Rand's husband, Frank O'Connor, and of the couple's relationship
  • The intentional "Alfred Hitchcock touch" in one scene of Atlas Shrugged
  • Her favorites in music, poetry, film and television

NOTE: Mary Ann Sures was scheduled for this event, but did not participate due to illness.

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