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"Chewing" the Objectivist Virtues

Gary Hull

Presented at: IRM 1994

Date: Jul 16, 1994

The Objectivist ethics provides a set of virtues to direct one's choices and actions. To appreciate the full power of these virtues, however, It is not enough to know their definitions or their place in the Objectivist hierarchy. One need to know how to use them as a guide to life. 'The purpose of this course, therefore, is to help one integrate the Objectivist virtues into daily life. To accomplish this, the class will "chew'' the virtues, by first grasping their meaning and then by studying techniques for applying them to everyday situations. This ls a "how-to" course-how to understand and use the virtues toward the end of achieving one's own happiness. (This is an updated and expanded version of a course previously given.) 


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  • Tape, 1998 (En) - available through the Ayn Rand Bookstore