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Choosing a Romantic Partner

Ellen Kenner

Presented at: SRB 2002 Palo Alto

Date: Aug 10, 2002

Finding a romantic partner can be one of the most delightful activities in life. Why does it often end up being a drag or a dreadful disappointment? How can you, your children, or your friends make dreams of an ideal romantic partner a reality? What knowledge will make dating an adventure? How do you ask the hard-hitting questions (e.g., Do you have any social diseases? — for instance, altruism)? How do you discover a potential partner's virtues? Oversights are easy when most infatuated individuals just want to bask in the glow of love. What elements are key to any relationship? How do you create an atmosphere of trust and benevolence – and make it last? Venture into the world of romance – take a closer look at the art and science of finding a soul mate.



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