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Convincing the Intellectual Property Skeptic

Adam Mossoff

Presented at: OCON 2013

Date: Jul 05, 2013

There is tremendous public debate today about intellectual property (IP) rights. Libertarians and leftists are attacking IP rights and, as a result, hostility to IP rights is rising. If Objectivists are to change minds and reverse this ominous cultural and political trend, we must understand how to make the case for IP rights. This course analyzes and responds to several anti-IP arguments one hears today, e.g., IP is “different” from other property rights, IP rights are innovation-destroying monopolies, and innovation itself is a collective social product, among others. This course identifies the false factual and moral premises in each argument and identifies the best responses to them, providing a roadmap for successfully convincing people who are confused by today’s anti-IP intellectuals. In reviewing the historical, moral and legal case for IP rights, course participants will also strengthen their own knowledge about the nature and value of IP rights.


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