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Cornelius Vanderbilt: Railroad Builder and Business Hero

Edwin A. Locke

Presented at: SRB 2002 Palo Alto

Date: Aug 10, 2002

Cornelius Vanderbilt, the builder of Grand Central Station, was one of America's greatest wealth creators (and a real-life inspiration for "Nat Taggart" of Atlas Shrugged). This talk describes his amazing career and achievements. It traces his life from his beginnings as a steamboat operator on the Hudson River, to his triumphant entry into the transatlantic steamship business, to his crowning accomplishment: the creation of the New York Central Railroad. This last required brilliant planning, not only in overcoming the challenges inherent in such a complex undertaking, but in outwitting the crooked businessmen and politicians who tried to stop him. Dr. Locke presents an inspiring account of Vanderbilt's single-minded drive to succeed.


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