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Corrupting Law and Strangling Business: Antitrust and Campaign Finance Reform

Steve Simpson

Presented at: STRIVECon 2015

Date: Nov 08, 2015

Despite the enormous value they create, businesses are attacked and vilified regularly today. They are presented as dens of corruption in popular entertainment and are blamed for every conceivable social ill by the media, yet they are still expected to provide Americans with the highest standard of living in the world. But one particularly vicious attack on businesses comes from government itself in the form of a seemingly endless array of restrictive laws. Laws that hobble businesses do more harm than simply drain productive resources - they perpetuate the negative views of business by making them appear more often to be criminals than producers. In this talk, Steve Simpson will examine two laws of this type, antitrust and campaign finance laws, and explain the corrupt premises on which they are based and the destructive effects they have on business--and America--today.


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