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Cronyism, Corruption and Government Power

Steve Simpson

Presented at: OCON 2014

Date: Jun 28, 2014

A growing chorus of voices today claim that “cronyism” is rampant in our political system. The claim is used to justify not only restrictions on speech but also efforts to “equalize” incomes on the grounds that the rich allegedly obtain wealth by “gaming” the system. There is some truth to the cronyism claim, but not in the way critics think. This talk exposes the true nature of cronyism, its consequences and its solution.


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  • e-Store, 2015 (En)
  • Online, 2014 (En) - 110 mins - A presentation in the Hungry Minds Speaker Series, Saturday, October 4, 2014, in Englewood, CO
  • YouTube, 2014 (En) - 48 mins - Recorded at ARI offices, November 19, 2014