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Discovering Film Music

David Berry

Presented at: OCON 2004

Date: Jul 10, 2004

Most of us love movies but we are rarely aware of the music in them. This course is a basic introduction to film music. Since their inception in the 1890s, films have been accompanied by music. It affects the pace, reflects emotions, brings to mind unseen characters or unspoken thoughts, supports action, creates atmosphere, provides unity and sometimes becomes a part of the story.

The relationships between the musicians, filmmakers and studios will be explored. Issues and techniques involving the planning and realization of the musical score are covered, including these topics: spotting, temp tracks, orchestration, recording and synchronization, and the differences between concert hall and film music.

Each lecture will include many examples and end with a question period. Scores for movies featuring Ayn Rand’s work will be given special attention, including an analysis of Max Steiner’s music for The Fountainhead. The course is designed for both musicians and nonmusicians.


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