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Esthetics of the Visual Arts: The Application of Objectivist Esthetics to Painting and Sculpture

Mary Ann Sures

Presented at: IRM 1998

Date: Jun 28, 1998

These lectures-illustrated with slides-deal with two issues: Analyzing art: Mrs. Sures shows how subject, theme, composition, and style are integrated to convey metaphysical value-judgments in the visual arts. Topics include the human figure, landscape, and still life; and how the same subject has been given different meanings by different artists.

Responding to art: Here, Mrs. Sures examines the connection between metaphysical value-judgments and esthetic response (illustrated by individual sene-of-life responses to art works). She also explains the distinction between responding to art works personnally and judging them esthetically. 

(Some of this materialwas first presented by Mrs. Sures in 1963.)


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