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Frederick Douglass and “The Philosophy of Self-Made Men”

Timothy Sandefur

Presented at: TOS-CON 2018

Date: Aug 16, 2018

Frederick Douglass’s life story is one of the great tales of personal achievement in American history. Born a slave in 1818, he escaped bondage and became a writer, speaker, newspaper editor, and government official—all the while devoting his concerted efforts to advancing legal equality and individual freedom. In his most famous lecture, “Self-Made Men,” which he delivered more than fifty times in the latter half of his life, Douglass celebrated the virtues of independence, pride, and self-determination. Timothy Sandefur, author of the new biography, Frederick Douglass: Self-Made Man, will discuss Douglass’s philosophy of personal independence and what it means for 21st-century lovers of liberty and pursuers of the good life.


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