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Free Speech and the Danish Cartoons

Yaron Brook, Edwin A. Locke, Daniel Pipes

Presented at: Free Speech and the Danish Cartoons 2006

Date: Apr 11, 2006

The Danish cartoons depicting Muhammad have sparked a worldwide controversy. Death threats and violent protests have sent the cartoonists into hiding and have had the intended effect of stifling freedom of expression. The reaction to these cartoons raises urgent questions whose significance goes far beyond a set of drawings. 

This unflinching discussion addresses key questions, including: 
• What is freedom of speech? Does it include the right to offend? 
• What is the significance of the worldwide Islamic reaction to the cartoons? 
• How should Western governments have responded to this incident? 
• How should the Western media have responded? (Recorded April 11, 2006.) 

freedom of speech

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