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Free Will, Free Speech, Free Borders, Freedom in the Middle East

Yaron Brook, Elan Journo, Steve Simpson

Presented at: AynRandCon 2016

Date: Nov 04, 2016

Philosophy is often disparaged as an ivory tower pursuit that makes no difference in the real world. But if you know how to look, you can see its influence everywhere. Speakers from ARI will explore how today’s widespread acceptance of determinism has made many people suspicious of free speech and of immigration, and unable to grasp what a truly self-interested foreign policy in the Middle East would consist in. In contrast, the controversial positions ARI takes on these issues reflect its philosophical understanding of free will.

philosophypoliticsforeign policyfree will

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  • YouTube, 2017 (En) - 21 mins - Yaron Brook segment
  • YouTube, 2017 (En) - 20 mins - Steve Simpson segment
  • e-Store, 2017 (En)
  • YouTube, 2017 (En) - 18 mins - Elan Journo segment