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God Said

Craig Biddle

Presented at: OCON 2004

Date: Jul 10, 2004

Ayn Rand distinguished between a disciple of causation and a disciple of “duty.” The first is reality-oriented and goal-directed; he recognizes that the achievement of every end requires specific means, and he pursues his values accordingly. The second is directed not by goals, but by an inexplicable moral “must”; his actions are unrelated to his values; they are intended to fulfill alleged obligations that have nothing to do with his life. This course examines and elaborates that distinction—offering techniques and standing orders for living as a disciple of causation, and suggesting ways to expunge remnants of the duty premise that might still infect one’s soul.

The metaphysical attitude and guiding moral premise of the disciple of causation, wrote Ayn Rand, is summed up in the Spanish proverb: “God said: ‘Take what you want and pay for it.’” We will “chew” the profound Objectivist meaning of this proverb—and how to fully embrace it.


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