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Health Care Reform Policy: Diagnosing the Problems and Prescribing the Cure

Arthur Astorino, Jr

Presented at: AFCM Joint Defense of Freedom in American Medicine

Date: Sep 19, 2009

The lecture focuses on a principled understanding of the history of health care finance.  Regardless of whether or not you agree with the interpretations and positions, without an understanding of this history it is impossible to have an educated opinion about this subject.  Discussions that simply revolve around the number of uninsured, or the high cost of Medical care, or problems with insurance companies, are actually only focused on the symptoms of the problem, not the cause.  A proper diagnosis of the problem must be made prior to developing a cure.  This presentation provides an introduction on how to develop such an understanding. If you find this approach compelling, please do the following: send the link to your contacts; go to and sign up as a supporter; view the entire briefing there when it is available; view more videos and written material; become actively involved with the debate.

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