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How To Listen To Music

Thomas Shoebotham

Presented at: OCON 2003

Date: Jul 05, 2003

This course is aimed at people who want to enjoy music as an art but often find it difficult to understand and follow what is happening in a given composition. Many standard "music appreciation" classes, even those aimed at non-musicians, often presuppose a level of aural skill that the average listener has not yet acquired. Using a mixture of performance and lecture, Mr. Shoebotham shows students how some of the basic elements of music—such as melody, counterpoint, harmony, rhythm and variation (development)-work in smaller compositions to form a coherent whole. In addition, there are many exercises done in class to improve musical memory and the ability to follow the various elements of music as they happen simultaneously. Strategies for continuing to improve one's musical hearing after the course ends are suggested. This course is meant to increase students' enjoyment of concerts and their understanding of more specific music appreciation classes.



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