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How To Study Ayn Rand

Harry Binswanger

Presented at: IRM 1994

Date: Jul 16, 1994

Ayn Rand wrote lucid, logical, vibrant prose which doesn't require clarification. But her writings can be understood on different levels, and mining them fully is a demanding enterprise. All Objectivists know the experience of re-reading, after years, a familiar sentence, and exclaiming, ''So that's what this really means!" In part, this experience is inherent in the nature of philosophic abstractions; in part, it is due to the remarkable economy of Miss Rand's writing. How to aid and accelerate the process of gaining this type of deeper understanding is the subject of this lecture. Drawing on his many years of experience in teaching Ayn Rand, Dr. Binswanger presents the general method and the specific techniques that he has found most fruitful in studying Ayn Rand's non-fiction writings. 


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  • e-Store, 2018 (En) - 91 mins - as "How to Study Ayn Rand's Writings"