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Independence and Teamwork

John Allison

Presented at: OCON 2011

Date: Jul 02, 2011

In this lecture, Mr. Allison discusses the necessity of effective teamwork in accomplishing complex tasks. He describes how to create and participate in successful teams without sacrificing independent thinking. The use of Objectivist virtues, especially a clear sense of purpose, to establish the foundation for the achievement of team goals is highlighted. Practical insight into how to act on principle, while working with teammates who do not fully share your principles, is discussed as well.

The concepts which enable large, complex and diverse organizations to create effective teams is outlined in the context of the skills necessary to make Objectivism the dominant secular philosophy in the United States in 25 years. While having the right ideas is the foundation for success, having better ideas does not guarantee success. If it did, Objectivism would already dominate our culture. Changing the culture will not only require the right ideas (which we have), but the integrated and focused actions of those on the Objectivist team, i.e., those who are committed to Objectivist principles.


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