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Intellectual Activism for Fun and Profit

Jim Brown

Presented at: TOS-CON 2018

Date: Aug 16, 2018

Traditionally, ideas have been dispersed through cultures via universities, books, newspapers, magazines, television, radio. Until recently, getting your ideas “out there” necessarily involved dealing with third parties—educational establishments, publishers, editors, producers, and the like—who stood between you and your audience. In the realm of intellectual activism, barriers to entry were high, and the possibility of making substantial money by advancing ideas was relatively slim. But times have changed. There’s a new breed of intellectual activists who are taking their ideas directly to the public and making a living in the process. These new intellectual entrepreneurs—bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, and the like—have circumvented traditional communications establishments by exploiting inexpensive technologies and innovative means of monetization. What can we learn from these intellectual entrepreneurs? How can advocates of freedom and flourishing best take advantage of these ideas and technologies to make a difference? Jim Brown will explore these and related questions.

intellectual activism


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