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Introduction to Ayn Rand’s Philosophy, Objectivism

Onkar Ghate, Keith Lockitch

Presented at: OCON 2014

Date: Jun 28, 2014

Contrary to conservatives, Ayn Rand supported the right to abortion; contrary to liberals, she opposed environmentalism; and contrary to libertarians (and others), she upheld a firm, assertive foreign policy.What unites these seemingly disparate positions? And what explains the moral fire with which she expressed her views on these issues? In this talk, Ayn Rand Institute fellow, Keith Lockitch, will argue that the answer lies in Rand’s view of self-esteem, which is key to understanding her perspective on issues of policy.


Parts: 4

Handout: none


  • YouTube, 2014 (En) - 61 mins - Part 1 by Keith Lockitch