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Is Social Media Censoring Us?

Yaron Brook, Toby Young

Presented at: London Ayn Rand Meetup ARC-UK

Date: Dec 02, 2020

In present times, social media are a significant part of our life and of the public sphere. And for this reason, it can be challenging when Facebook or Twitter prevent certain ideas or people from being aired on their platforms.

However, while this might be difficult or irksome, the question remains: do such practices constitute censorship, and should the state be involved in addressing it?

Are social media companies denying our right to free speech when they discriminate on who they want on their platforms? Or are they exercising their own rights as private entities?

Should social media be subject to different laws, because of how big and widely used they are?

Overview article available here

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  • YouTube, 2020 (En) - 82 mins
  • YouTube, 2021 (En) - 81 mins - In the ARI channel with a New Ideal Live writeup