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Jean-Baptiste Say, Ayn Rand, and Objective Economics

Richard M. Salsman

Presented at: TOS-CON 2018

Date: Aug 16, 2018

Economist Jean-Baptiste Say and philosopher Ayn Rand had a lot in common. Both embraced Aristotle’s principle that human knowledge is derived inductively, by means of observation and logic. Both saw rational thinking and productive work as prerequisites for human flourishing. And both were revolutionaries in their fields. In this lecture, Richard Salsman will examine and integrate key principles of Say’s and Rand’s respective systems. In grasping these ideas and making the integrations yourself, you will achieve a deeper understanding of both economics and philosophy—and, consequently, a greater capacity to achieve your goals and to protect individual rights. The integrations will also enable you to understand (or better understand) how and why economics, properly understood, is an objective science.


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