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Kantianism vs. Objectivism in the Fountainhead

Andrew Bernstein

Presented at: IRM 1998

Date: Jun 28, 1998

In what way is Ellsworth Toohey, Peter Keating, Lois Cook––indeed, every villain in The Fountainhead––a variation on Kant's philosophy? How does The Fountainhead, at its deepest level of conflict and meaning, pit Ayn Rand's Objectivism against the Kantian school of philosophy (including its Marist offshoots)? In this lecture it will become clear that––even before writing Atlas Shrugged––Ayn Rand had already identified and rejected the essentials of the philosophy behind modern culture.


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  • CD, 2007 (En) - 93 mins - 2 CD set
  • Tape, 2000 (En) - 93 mins