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Literature: A Window to the Soul

Josh Dickson, Shoshana Milgram

Presented at: London Ayn Rand Meetup ARC-UK

Date: Jun 04, 2020

One of the most captivating elements of novels and works of fiction is the access we get to a protagonist’s thoughts, emotions, and mental processes. This is definitely the case with Ayn Rand’s novels, where we often bear witness to the internal monologues of the heroes and the villains. So what can literature tell us about psychology? What can it reveal to us about the human mind? Is it realistic to draw conclusions for real life based on the inner thoughts of fictional heroes? Can novels show us who we are, how we think, and why we choose as we do?

Josh Dickson is an addictions counsellor, trauma therapist and positive psychologist. He is the founder and clinical director of Resurface, providing surf therapy retreats for trauma, positivity and creativity. He also works in private practice.

Shoshana Milgrim is an Associate Professor of English at Virginia Tech. She holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Stanford University. Dr Milgrim has lectured on Ayn Rand in undergraduate and graduate courses, at Objectivist conferences, at national and international academic conferences, and at the Smithsonian Institution.


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