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Making Your Life Happier by Making the Conscious and Subconscious Work Together

Ellen Kenner, Edwin A. Locke

Presented at: OCON 2013

Date: Jul 05, 2013

This course shows how attaining a better understanding of the relation of the conscious and subconscious enables you to achieve greater happiness. In the realms of work and career, this course shows how to identify the primary source of pleasure, and how to integrate that with other job aspects. In the realm of romance, these lectures show how to distinguish initial attraction, based on sense of life, from infatuation, and how to identify core strengths in an existing relationship as well as areas needing improvement. In the area of friendship, this course shows how to differentiate between types of friends and levels of friendship. In addressing art, these lectures ask people to identify the types of art they enjoy most (e.g., types of music) and what attributes attract them. In the realm of leisure, this course differentiates types (e.g., intellectual, skilled, physical, competitive, social) and the specific source of pleasure derived from each. Numerous class exercises are included to illustrate the points.


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