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Meet the “New Intellectuals”

Agustina Vergara Cid, Keith Lockitch, Mike Mazza, Nikos Sotirakopoulos, Sam Weaver

Presented at: ARI Roundtable

Date: Jan 22, 2022

In ARI’s annual report, you may have read about Ayn Rand University—our biggest strategic initiative to date. I’d love to share with you an inside look at one major element of ARU: our greatly expanded Junior Fellows Program. 
For three decades the Institute has invested significant resources in training the next generation of Objectivist intellectuals. Building on that success, we’ve taken a leap forward by recruiting the largest cohort of aspiring intellectuals to work as teaching assistants, junior instructors and writers. 
I’m excited to introduce you to four of them at the next ARI Member Roundtable. Join us to learn how this program furthers the Institute’s long-range mission, and to gain a unique perspective on what goes into developing effective advocates for reason, individualism and capitalism. 
The conversation will feature Dr. Keith Lockitch, senior fellow and vice president of education, and: 
  • Agustina Vergara Cid, junior fellow
  • Dr. Michael Mazza, associate fellow
  • Dr. Nikos Sotirakopoulos, visiting fellow
  • Sam Weaver, junior fellow (Conceptual Education Fellowship)

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