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Objectivism and the Future of Art

Sandra Shaw

Presented at: OCON 2008

Date: Jun 28, 2008

Kant's philosophy of subjectivism has ruled Western art since World War II in the form of the "modern art" movement. Over the last twenty-five years, a significant trend of realist visual art has emerged in opposition to modern art. What has caused this resurgence of realist art? Does it have a future? In what way does the future of realist art depend on the philosophy of Objectivism?

Ms. Shaw addresses these questions from the perspective that art is an embodiment of a culture's philosophy. The visual presentation includes examples of the art of our times, realist and modern, as well as masterworks from more rational periods. Students will see how art dramatizes the core metaphysics of a culture, and better grasp the foundational role of philosophy in the content and quality of art.


Parts: 3

Handout: none


  • CD, 2008 (En) - 251 mins - 6 CD set with Q&A