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Objectivism for Beginners: A Refresher Course

Andrew Bernstein

Presented at: SRB 2002 Palo Alto

Date: Aug 10, 2002

The purpose of this course is to provide the student with an understanding of the basic concepts of Ayn Rand's philosophy. The three principles it focuses on are: egoism – reason – freedom. The course establishes three fundamental points. The first is that values are the meaning of life and the key to personal happiness. The second is that reason is the sole means of achieving values. The last is that freedom is the social condition required for reason to function. The course thereby provides an introduction to Ayn Rand's basic theories of ethics, epistemology, and politics.



Handout: none


  • Tape, 2005 (En) - 300 mins - Second renaissance - 5 hours with Q&A