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Objectivism Q&A—October 2021

Ben Bayer, Agustina Vergara Cid, Tristan De Liège

Presented at: New Ideal Live

Date: Oct 13, 2021

Overview article here

Among the topics covered:

1. Is atheism a necessary part of the philosophy of Objectivism?
a. Why atheism is not a positive belief system; [1:08]
b. Objectivism’s commitment to reason as an absolute vs. theism;[3:32]
c. The arbitrariness of the belief in God; [9:27]
d. Why theism contradicts major principles of Objectivism in every branch of philosophy; [19:30]

2. How can we guard against “parroting” others when we rely on expertise?
a. The difference between blind faith and rational reliance on testimony; [23:40]
b. How expert testimony yields at least probable belief sufficient for action; [32:25]
c. Dishonest motivations for rejecting expert testimony; [38:05]

3. Why does Objectivism emphasize the spiritual aspect of sex, as opposed to its biological function?
a. Why rational moral values are based on biological facts; [43:11]
b. The role of selectivity in the spiritual value of work and sex; [48:06]
c. The role of pleasure in human values. [53:18]
d. What a “spiritual value” means in Objectivism [57:23]


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