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Susan Crawford, Lynn C. Salsman

Presented at: IRM 1994

Date: Jul 16, 1994

A crucial goal of proper parenting is the nurturing of the child's self-esteem. This requires imparting a strong set of values, and encouraging the child's confidence in his ability to make wise choices and to attain his goals. How is this achieved? How do you establish rational methods of discipline? And how vital is a Montessori education? Then there are issues that are particular to bringing up children with Objectivist values. For example, how do you deal with questions about religion, environmentalism, altruism–Issues regularly faced by children In dealing with their schools and their peers? These and other pertinent topics-of Interest to parents, teachers and anyone else who deals with children–will be examined during this seminar, with ample time for discussion and question periods. 


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