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Part I, Chapters 1–8

Ben Bayer

Presented at: The Fountainhead Discussion Series 2020

Date: Apr 03, 2020

Discussion Questions for this session:

1. Why do you think people (the Dean, Keating,) seem to feel uncomfortable or threatened when they are with Roark? Do you think their reason is good one?
2. How do Roark's and Keating's reasons for wanting to be an architect differ?
3. In chapter 3, what's different about the kinds of things that Keating and Roark notice and focus on about New York and the places they go to work?
4. How do Roark and Keating differ in the way they try to advance their careers? How do these relate to their reasons for wanting to be an architect? 
5. What differences are there in how Keating and Roark see and value other people?


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