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Part IV, Chapters 1-10

Ben Bayer, Keith Lockitch

Presented at: The Fountainhead Discussion Series 2020

Date: May 08, 2020

Discussion questions for this session:

1. What does Wynand see in Roark, and what does Roark see in Wynand? Why does Wynand choose not to treat Roark as he has treated other men of integrity?

2. What do we learn in this reading about what motivates Elsworth Toohey, especially from his actions regarding Cortlandt Homes?

3. How does Keating change in this reading? Why does he approach Roark in the way he does? Why does he react to Catherine as he does?

4. Motifs of springtime and youth appear frequently in the first half of Part IV. How do they relate to themes the author is developing?


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