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Part IV, Chapters 11-20

Ben Bayer, Keith Lockitch

Presented at: The Fountainhead Discussion Series 2020

Date: May 22, 2020

Discussion questions for this session:

1. How does the end of The Fountainhead portray the nature and power of evil, especially in the person of Toohey? How do Toohey's motives for seeking power contrast with Wynand's? Why and how are their stories linked at the end? 

2. What does Dominique learn at the end? How does this explain her reunion with Roark? 

3. In his courtroom speech, Roark says that the basic issue is the choice of independence or dependence, the code of the creator or the code of the second-hander. In what form do each of the major characters of the story (Roark, Keating, Dominique, Wynand, and Toohey) face these alternatives? 

4. How does the end of the story portray the relationship between morality and practicality, especially in the person of Roark? How does his story compare to Wynand's??


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