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Harry Binswanger

Presented at: OCON 2006

Date: Jun 30, 2006

The perceptual level of awareness, which man shares with the higher animals, is the incontestable base of all knowledge. Objectivism provides an understanding of perception that differs radically from the representationalist and subjectivist views infecting all philosophy since Thomas Aquinas. By integrating Objectivism with recent scientific work in the psychology of perception, especially that of the late J. J. Gibson, Dr. Binswanger provides a new perspective on perception as an active, physically determined process. Topics to be discussed include: the error of naive realism, why "perceptual illusions" are not sensory errors, the seductive fallacy of representationalism, the form-object distinction, the crucial role of differentiation in perception, perception as entity-centered and the disastrous error of the "snapshot" view of visual perception.


Parts: 1

Handout: none


  • e-Store, 2012 (En) - 87 mins
  • CD, 2006 (En) - 87 mins - 2 CD set